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Mechanical Team Responsibilities

At BNSF, our Mechanical team ensures our trains are in top shape, operate safely and efficiently and meet BNSF and government requirements. They do this by inspecting and maintaining a fleet of approximately 7,500 locomotives and approximately 225,000 railcars — everything from boxcars and flatcars to hoppers.

Mechanical work might include overhauling a diesel engine or welding a railcar. The tasks can also be intricate, such as calibrating electrical systems or closely inspecting a fuel component. The skills needed range broadly, but all require a focus on safety and precision.

BNSF mechanical team responsibilities
BNSF mechanical team environment

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Work Environment

Work takes place both outdoors and indoors. Outdoor work consists of refueling locomotives or inspecting and repairing freight cars in the yard. Other work may be performed inside large diesel or car shops, repairing, maintaining, testing or inspecting equipment.

Mechanical employees generally have a set shift, which may include nights, weekends, holidays or being on call for emergencies.