Train Crew

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Transportation Team Responsibilities

Train crews consist of a locomotive engineer and conductor. Crews collectively operate about 1,200 trains per day, moving them across the BNSF rail network. The Transportation team also includes crews who work within our rail yards to switch or reassign freight cars to build trains or pick up and deliver freight to customer locations. Only promoted BNSF conductors can become locomotive engineers. Dispatchers, who have assigned territory over multiple trains, are also part of Transportation.
BNSF train crew responsibilities
BNSF train crew environment

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Work Environment

Over-the-road crews are based from a “home” location and are on call 24/7. Yard crews are assigned to a specific terminal/yard and work a set schedule. All teams work together to ensure a timely, safe and damage-free freight delivery for our customers.

BNSF freight trains operate around the clock, as do the people in Transportation. Employees work nights, weekends, holidays and on call. Employees work both indoors and outdoors in all weather conditions. Work may require extensive travel and time away from home.