Management Trainee

The Route Ahead
Management Trainee Program

The Management Trainee Program is a non-rotational program that develops leaders who will drive the future of our organization. It’s a paid, full-time program for recent graduates with less than four years of professional work experience outside of school. Career opportunities will follow with hard work, the desire to learn, and the ability to develop productive working relationships.​​​​​​​

The Management Trainee Program provides:
  • Employee benefits and perks
  • Onboarding guide
  • Networking with Leaders from other departments
  • Annual Leadership Training (Paid)
  • Involvement in projects that impact the business
  • Relocation package for those who are eligible
  • Travel opportunities
  • Access to employee resource groups and automatic membership to the Emerging Leaders Network

Corporate Management Trainee 

Upon arrival at BNSF, Corporate Management Trainees receive an overview of our railroad and industry during orientation at our Fort Worth, Texas headquarters. Once the one-week orientation is complete, Corporate Management Trainees move into their assigend departments for on-the-job training. Our corporate departments include Marketing, Human Resources, Legal/Compliance, Accounting/Finance, Technology Services, Corporate Communications/Relations, Environmental, Labor Relations and more. 

Operations-Field Management Trainee

Upon arrival at BNSF, Operations Management Trainees receive an overview of our railroad and industry during orientation at our Fort Worth, Texas headquarters. Once the one-week orientation is complete, Operations Management Trainees travel to our training center in Kansas for hands-on training before heading to their BNSF training location, which could be anywhere on our network. Our operating departments include Mechanical, Engineering and Transportation.

Trainee Testimonials

Transportation Jade Bradley’s favorite part of being a BNSF MT is the opportunity to learn about railroading and the many possibilities for growth and development. 
Mechanical “I am immersed in training,” said Katherine Pink. "They’re teaching me things I never would have learned. You just have to ask!”
Management The MT program teaches how to communicate more effectively and efficiently with people from all aspects of the organization, and it has shaped Giulio Fantasia's career today.
Technology “I wanted a full-time position, and the MT program allowed me to get management experience out of college, which is not typically available to people in entry-level jobs,” said Vivian Young.