Summer Internship

The Route Ahead
Summer Internship Program

The paid Summer Internship Program is an opportunity to experience what it’s like to be a full-time BNSF employee. As an intern at BNSF, you’ll be given real-life, impactful assignments that will put your skills and education into practice. Your summer project will combine classroom experience and real-life business situations to provide value-added work to BNSF. 
The program is designed to identify students BNSF hires as full-time Management Trainees after graduation. During your summer internship, you will get the chance to network with peers, our Business Resource Groups, and Senior Leaders throughout the BNSF network. 

The Summer Internship Program provides:
  • An opportunity to kick off the summer at orientation in Fort Worth, Texas, along with a group of fellow interns
  • Employee benefits and perks
  • Relocation reimbursement if eligible
  • Learning opportunities with Senior Leaders
  • Community Involvement Events
  • Activities and events throughout the summer
  • Diverse and inclusive work environment
  • Employee assistance programs
  • Potential for an offer of full-time employment after graduation

Corporate Internships

As a corporate intern, you will be in our Headquarters, primarily in an office environment, in Fort Worth, TX or in Topeka, KS. You will have the opportunity to work in departments such as Accounting, Corporate Audit, Corporate Communications, Environmental, Human Resources, Labor Relations, Marketing, Strategic Sourcing, and Technology Services. 

Operations Internships

As a field operations intern, you will get the opportunity to travel and work in the field and gain real-life experience with the Transportation, Engineering, and Mechanical departments of BNSF, with the chance to have your internship location to be anywhere on the BNSF system.

Intern Testimonials

Human Resources Grace Kang says there are two lessons she’s learned from her internship: "set clear goals and expectations, and always communicate."
Mechanical From his time as an intern, Jaylen Brown learned that slowing down to learn from others is important. “You should walk into each experience wanting to learn and grow.”
External Reporting Matthew Whalen is majoring in Accounting at Oklahoma State University. “The coolest thing is, I’ve been able to apply what I’m learning in school."
Mechanical Amber Tower was excited to receive training in multiple disciplines beyond Mechanical and see how they all work together to move freight.